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Guardian Angel III

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Guardian Angel III (Live Guard Unit)
Manufacturer: Piexon Self-Defense Technology
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Colours: Black
Content: Piexol 400kS (10% Oleoresin Capsicum)
comes with belt-clip and detailed safety & instruction manual
packed in metal box

Optional: Laserclip GA082 (no authorisation needed) / No stock, need to be ordered
Guardian Angel pepper spray in Manila Philippines- prepare you for all unforeseen situation

Guardian Angel pepper spray in Manila Philippines specialized in delivering a high-end pepper spray which can be used quickly and easily. Owing to easiness, it has become a popular means for the personal safety and law enforcement.

The product comes with the security instruction mentioned on it. When sprayed into the face, it produces the unbearable irritation to the skin, throat, lungs, eyes, and mouth. You can take this pepper spray in Manila Philippines with you any time while traveling.

Every now and then, we hear some or the other news of crime either on the electronic media or in the print media which calls for some stern measure. Thus, the crime is taking its toll and we need to put a control on it which can be possible through a continuous use of pepper spray in Manila Philippines. It is extremely powerful and produces an immediate result, sufficient enough to distract the person from committing a heinous crime.

The reason for using pepper spray for safety is that, although its impact is very intense after a considerable period of, you can wear off its effect completely. Thus, make it a convenient way of protecting oneself compared to guns and chemicals.

Guardian pepper spray in Manila Philippines is widely used to protect oneself, to disperse the unmanaged crowd, extensively used in policing and in controlling the riots. It inflammatory effect causes the temporary blindness, thereby giving you the opportunity to escape to a safe place. On the top of it, the ingredients used in the pepper spray produces no harmful effect on the environment and its biodegradable.

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