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Curds 50 ml

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Model Quick Top Police RSG 2000 Anti-Attack Pepper Spray
Content: 50 ml
System: Jet Beam
Effective Range: 1-5 meter
Diameter: 35 mm
Length: 125 mm
Propellant: Nitrogen
Concentration: 0.3 % of PAVA
No. of 1 sec. bursts: 8 – 10 times
Pepper spray for self-defense are available for personal protection. It is important to understand the capabilities of pepper spray. You should not rely solely on a weapon or personal protection device against rape aggression or other violent criminal for self defense.

Pepper spray should be kept away from children.
Manufacturers place a shelf life on each pepper spray, due to pressure loss.
Pepper spray should be shaken regularly to maintain the chemical mixture.
Do not expose a pepper spray canister to extreme heat or cold.
Average pepper spray range from 3 to 5 m.
If you use pepper spray on someone you may also be affected.

The reason for using pepper spray for safety is that, although its impact is very intense after a considerable period of, you can wear off its effect completely. Thus, make it a convenient way of protecting oneself compared to guns and chemicals.

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