About Us

ZETOS Swiss Forensic Supply Philippines,Inc. with many years of experience in the domains of security and network of competent partners, offers the highest quality of field proven products.

The European ZETOS Group maintains offices and warehouses both in Switzerland and Germany and operates widely throughout Europe.

The ZETOS Group has become an important partner in Europe to Government Agencies and the Security Industry in the fight against fraud and related crimes.


ZETOS Swiss Forensic Supply Philippines, Inc. is a leading distributor of latest technologies in security and equipments from Europe that ...

.... provides Protection of original documents and products from counterfeits and forgeries. ZETOS offers a wide range of unique and exclusive security elements solutions based on innovative security and authentication technologies. They can be applied in the field of authenticity of high security documents like banknotes, passports, ID cards and certificates.

.... provides Detection of questioned documents as well as various optical and electronics equipments in accordance to the forensic standards.

.... provides Certification of the authenticity of various genuine documents. ZETOS provides integrated systems to protect and certify documents and high valued products against counterfeiting, imitation, tampering, and gray market imports.


To become a preferred partner to both public and private sectors in the Philippines to help fight frauds, exploitations and crimes.




To convey our expertise and support to our valued partners and costumers in:

PROTECTION of documents against fraud

DETECTION of manipulated / questioned documents and drug usage

CERTIFICATION of authenticity of various genuine documents