Transfer Seal

Reliable Anti-Counterfeiting Protection for Documents

Documents bearing conventional stamps and signatures are relatively easy to forge. It is difficult for lay-person and government authorities checking such documents to recognize fakes.boast a special design with integrated security features for ideal anti-counterfeiting protection and authentication of forms and other documents.



Typical Uses

Transfer-Seals are used on any type of document or product requiring protection, both in the public sector and in private industry. They replace the various conventional stamps typically used with a counterfeit-proof, user-friendly security seal. Typical uses of transfer seals include vehicle registrations, driver's licenses, ID cards, School Diploma,Transcript of Records,contracts and certifications. Transfer-Seals confirm the authenticity of a document (certification) and, in addition, facilitate the prosecution of tampering attempts like damaging, detaching or defacing an official seal.

Product Description

Transfer-Seals only consist of ink and adhesive. The security printing of the seals ensures a particularly high level of anti-counterfeiting and anti-tamper protection. Manual application of the seal is very easy. The face is equipped with a transparent protective film. The protective film serves as an aid to detach the seal from the backing paper and to precisely position it on the desired surface. After affixing the seal, immediate adhesion is achieved by stroking across the top. The protective film is then peeled off and the counterfeit-proof transfer seal remains on the document or product to be protected.

Product Features

  • Very high counterfeiting security: The combination of various security
    features can achieve reliable authentication
  • The seals can be permanently marked after application, by using a ball point pen for example
  • Sequential numbering and/or integrated check numbers may be used to document the number of seals that have been issued, which immediately indicates abuse or theft
  • The German Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology (BSI) has confirmed anti-tampering and anti-counterfeiting security for Transfer-Seals by awarding the top security level 2 according to BSI TL-03400; the seals are regularly checked by DEKRA